Copper Alloys – Bars

Our manufacturing facilities are designed to process new and recycled non ferrous materials to produce a wide range of it’s alloys into bar suitable for further processing by our customers, for example, hot or cold working, and machining. Our processes include careful selection of raw materials for melting and alloying.

Our products are produced by using a continuous casting method, which is then machined and straightened through the finishing section, which will also include heat treatment, tempering and cold working to whatever specification is required by our customer metal analysis is carried out by us using Xray or Optical Emission Spectrometry, as well as a wet lab for dezincification and material property testing.

Our continuous casting technology is based on and in conjunction with that developed by Rautomead Limited and Sacomet Limited both of Dundee Scotland and where precise metallurgical conditions allow a very wide range of copper alloys to be produced.

The major part of our production is in rounds, which range in diameter from 10mm to 120mm. However squares, flats, sectionsand hollows are also produced to special order.


Australian Standard

AS 1567

DZR – hot forging brass C48600
Free-cutting brass C38500
Hot forging brass C37710
DZR – machining brass C35200
70/30 arsenial brass C26130
Hot forging manganese bronze C68600
Hot forging Copper nickel silicon C64700

Brass bars lengths are 3.65 meters.

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Bar Weight Calculator

Use the LCL Bar Weight Calculator to calculate an estimate of the mass per metre for a range of material profiles and alloys.   Click here for Bar Weight Calculator