Copper Alloy Ingot

LCL Product a comprehensive range of copper alloy ingot to suit a wide range of applications.


British Standard

BS 1400

Australian Standard

AS 1565

Copper Tin CT1 C90250
Gun Metal G1 C92610A
High Tensile Brass HTB1 C86300
High Tensile Brass HTB3 C86500
Leaded Bronze LB2 C93700
Leaded Bronze LB4 C93500
Leaded Gunmetal LG1 C83810A
Leaded Gunmetal LG2 C83600A
Leaded Gunmetal LG4 C92410A
Phosphor Bronze PB1 C90710
Phosphor Bronze PB2 C90810
Sand Casting Brass SCB1 C85210
Sand Casting Brass SCB3 C85310
Sand Casting Brass SCB6 C83700

Current Metals Prices

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London Metal Exchange - Copper

Bar Weight Calculator

Use the LCL Bar Weight Calculator to calculate an estimate of the mass per metre for a range of material profiles and alloys.   Click here for Bar Weight Calculator